I am  pleased to share with you this nice release of  my french
friend Celine Grandidier,from Provence. of whom I have already published one of her
works regarding the Moon Goddess on on my Facebook Page "Love of Rhiannon - The Celtic Moon Goddess"...

Her favourite visual artists are Arthur Rackham, and Pre-Raphaelites . Other Interests Art, poetry, photography.

She is a confessed fan of Fairies, cats, pagan religions and mythology.

The music that accompanies this awesome video is written by myself upon a
traditional arrangement of the renowned Irish tune "the Star of the
Countgy Down".  It's called
"La Dame Verte" from the "Awen" album recorded along with the celtic
band BRAN

The belief on enchanted groves had always allured me very much. Even more when I read about certain faerie ‘Green Ladies’ hidden behind trees , expecting for  wandering pedlars eager for elven dance. I felt that the theme of the Irish
song ‘Star of The County Down’ made a nice set with my own. Hereby the quoted lyrics of this song:

"STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN" (trad.irish)

Near to Banbridge town in the County Down,
one morning in July,
down a boreen green came a sweet coleen
and she smiled as she passed me by.
Oh she looked so neat from her two white feet
to the sheen of her red hair,
sure the coaxing elf, I’d shake myself ,
to make sure she was standing there.
Oh from Bantry Bay to the Derry Quay,
Oh from Galway to Dublin Town.
Ne’er a maid I’ve seen like this sweet coleen,
that I met in the County Down.

If you wish to know a bit more about her you can visit her awesome website :Le regard des elfes

Or her delicate art gallery site on deviantArt: Wiccancountess08

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