"Bad Girl " | Christy Angeletti | Official Music Video

The official Christy Angeletti Music Video - "Bad Girl"

Directed by Joseph DiMasso
1st AD Bernie Stern
Produced by Jay Dimasso, Joseph DiMasso, Bernie Stern

"Bad Girl" written by Christy Angeletti

You've got a bad attitude and it's only getting worse
That's what he told me, for what it's worth
Where's that sweet little girl that I first met
I said she's changing and she's not done yet

I'm not a bad girl baby, but I don't wanna be good
Can't be your good girl baby, not like you wish I would
I'm not a bad girl baby, just misunderstood
No, I don't wanna be bad baby, but I can't be good

Love like Bonnie and Clyde, not Romeo and Juliet
Take a walk on the wild side, get our feet wet
Who knows you may like it, won't know if you don't try
They say "nice guys finish last", now I see why


Bridge: I wanna go to heaven, but barely stay out of hell
Don't look at me that way, I'm no angel


Oh, I don't wanna be bad baby, but I just can't be good
No, I don't wanna be bad baby, simply can't be good
No I can't, no I can't, no I can't be good

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