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Pain Squad MusicDwight PalmerD-ProAbout D-ProD-pro other wise known as pro born January 17, 1982 and grew up in Mandeville. Music was his first love, which was evident back in his school days when he used to write songs Melodies and lyrics seemed to flow from him and he would always find himself dejaying, rapping, singing and even (free styling-mind thinking) at his pass schools events, at home and around his friends his music is about life’s pain and struggles as well as uplifting people’s mind soul and spirit. Pro garners inspiration from the likes of Mickey General, 2pac, Bob Marley and Sizzla kalonji. Dwight was first call Pro by the artist Mickey General who heard his music. Pro does his own writing meditate about life and people way of living. His mission is about up lifting the nation about positive life living, he also wants to inform the people about the pain he went through and how to overcome challenges that they may face in their life. Pro is also endorsing his group by the name of PAIN SQUAD MUSIC which is all about promoting his music and he is also promoting his Demo CD by the name of “BORN IN PAIN”. He also has a hot new single by the name of STREET LIVING. His music is all that he has and all that he ever dreamt of doing in order to help in uplifting the nation.

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