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'Colossus' is a brave name for an album title, but my word, it's the right title. This is impressive.

Bedford, downtown Milton Keynes, is the home of this hard-hitting blues-rock five piece. Complete with rough smoking growling vocals, real gravelly, and high-octane harmonica playing in the most traditional Dr Feelgood way. It is the blues, as it should be played.

The Hammond organ and harmonica on 'Women Made a Man Out of Me' - even the track names have a real proper blues feel about them - is real old school, just like the records my Dad used to crackle out when he was decorating each summer school holiday, well when my mother was out!

I really like the contrast in lead singer Lee Vernon's voice and technique which is so well displayed in the track 'Resonate'. It could have been sung by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros, it is stunning. 'She Can Dance' also lowers a level or two. He has a distinctive, powerful and mellow voice on the flip side, and a real old time American bluesman on other parts of the album.

'Stop Me Dead' gets the full back of the throat treatment and again highlights the band for what they are. I'm also hearing an almost Eric Clapton, Cream influence in a number of songs, particularly 'Stop Me Dead', it's a really interesting and exciting debut. 'White Lines' is a track to turn up and raise a glass to.

I gather these guys have been making a lot of movements in the local area and played a number of local festivals and gigs. They surly have a big future. The rock and roll feel to the front sleeve of the album, facial hair, floral shirts and military coats finish it off for me. I'm genuinely looking forward to getting to see these guys soon.

Good work, Colossus indeed.

Mat Radbourne

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