I had a great time playing at Schlitterbahn waterpark. God showed up in a very cool way.

Before it was my turn to take the stage, there was a band called Vehicle Oasis that played. I was sitting in back of the stage and I was really enjoying their music.They had great worshp music and I was just worshiping while Vehicle Oasis was playing. Their was one song that really touched me. Itwas about surrendering to God. As I was listening to it,I heard some sweet sax in it. So I had a crazy thought and asked God about it. God was in on it so I pursued it. After Vehicle Oasis got through playing,I went up to the lead singer Dan and introduced myself and told him how I enjoyed their music. I then pursued my crazy thoughtand asked Dan if he and the band would be willing to come up and play the surrender song with me adding some sax to it. He was open to it and agreed. I was excited. When it was my turn on stage,I played a few of my songs and then asked vehicle oasis to come up and play the Surrender song. It went smooth and sweet. Itwas an awsome experience. On the spot improv.. God showed up. all of us were just like WOW!!!..

Vehicle Oasis is a band out of South Texas. I never met them before this event and never performed with them previously. When God shows up and the Anointing is there, powerful stuff happens....


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