Wishing everyone a successful and wonderful experience at the 2014 IMC Awards  It looks like this is going to be another amazing event.  I just wanted to wish you all the best, from the friends Ive known on here to the new members I have not met yet.  Take it all in and enjoy every moment.  This was a remarkable experience for me back in 2012.  Not only being nominated and winning awards but just the recognition and networking with such great artists.

I had hoped to have my new album completed to enter this year but I have been on a writing streak and have postponed the recording until  this year.  I have written many new songs and I am very excited about them.   I want to make the best choices for my song selections and am now ready to do so.  

I may not be there in person but I am in spirit.  Thank you again IMC and Christopher for recognizing Indie artists from across the globe and sharing our talents.  I can't wait to come out to LA again and perform.  There is just such a vibe there that can't be explained.  You simply have to experience it for your self.  Good Luck Everyone and Enjoy!


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