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Move To LA!

Hello Skye Dwellers!

ON MY WAY!!!! Moved today !

Still in the airport in Philadelphia awaiting transfer plane to  LA !

Excited also  to be attending the  Grammy Nominations on Friday!

Will also  finish work on video started last April when in Hollywood, and finish working on my album with a great team  & family  behind me!

It's a big move and scary !  But I am still moving forward !  And boy are the bags heavy...

Wish me a great rest of…


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  Hi Skye Dwellers !

  It's been a while since I have had time to be here.....So Thrilled to find out someone posted  an article on Bullyville- here is the link http://www.bullyville.com/?page=story&id=5292&sid=6421

  Also happy to report that I have been named the Teen Spokesoperson for the Karen Klein Anti bullying Foundation ! Dec 5, 2012. I also did part of a documentary -  the team…


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Hillside Mental Health Coalition of WNY, INc Presents Tolerance, Empowerment, & Other Strategies to Reduce bullying

 Was so  grateful to appear with my friend Kaitlin Monte , at this event.  Priveledged to have a workshop all my own at the end. I always benefit from hearing Kaitlin - and this time I had my own story to tell with my mom.  Played music signed t shirts and autographs- and met some really amazing people .

  I need to thank Paula Cummings  for including me in this event and her father Paul Refici for introducing us :)  Met at a gig with Mitty Moore and the followers :)  All great…


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Winner of " Do The Right Thing Award"

 Thank you to the Rochester Police Department  for receognising me for my music and work to help change things for victims of bullying, abuse and  help  get people to take kids  seriously  regarding suicide.  The Gifts were really unexpected, but to be part of the  "Do the Right Thing" family  means a lot and so happy  I will be in touch with them fo rthe rest of my life :)

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My weekend:)

 Played at event at the Highland bowl , told my story of how I have been consistantly been bullied in all kinds of forrums, still working through things myself- my music has come in to save me many times.

Help others when they are depressed. Don't throw them away! Try to help others care about what those people say,not easy I know.

Lets work together to find strategies that work.  Music is just one way.

 Played @ the WaterStreet Music Hall, great sound system…


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working hard advocating

for an abuse victim, dying of cancer,heart attack,no home, family abandoned her and even her children.

 Happy to have found agencies & people 2 help we now have a great lawyer so  tomorrow  to court! Then to get her out of town  & protected by  Secret service !  She's finally going to get special radiation,other help, food , shelter,& transportation!

Always remember even though life may be hard there are others going through much worse things.  Hoping Saturday Event…


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Diva Status Radio has accepted my submission !

 for rotation - 



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 Station in Florida is going to start playing my music on their station !

 yay thank you Gino Goss !

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another gig

for the  14th of October in Buffalo near the airport- getting information soon -  also  possible gig  for fellow musician s daughters party on the  weekof the 20th of September working on it. also  getting my duet  ready  of I Am Yours:)

 My Grandfather is out of the hospital recooperating from infarq stroke- Uncle ariving otmorrow to help out. school started and so busy-  Not on the top 10 anymore but  am still onthe  americaschristiantalent.com and would love to get some votes…


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Thanks everyone!

For being htere for me for the past  several months on the top 10 ! Really appreciate it !

 LOve, Tivoli Skye

 My Grandfather is out of the hospital now and recovering :) He has a ways to go - thank you for your kind thoughts:)

 Tivoli Skye<3

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October 6- Rochester, New York,Highland Bowl with Senator Robach/ & County Executive Maggie Brooks, SWAT Kids and Monroe County Gov

Oct 13-  Hillside  Conference Center 1 Mustard Street, Rochester, New York, all day conference to play for 1/2 hour and speakw/ Kaitlin Monte, Miss NY 2011 

Oct. 14-  Greg Burt Organized a show in Buffalo near teh Airport- TBA details:)

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 Grampa is in the Hospital- he had a stroke yesterday- Love and Prayers to my  wonderful , loving supportive Grampa- It's our turn to be there for you - everything else seems to matter very little.

 <3 U Grampa ! <3

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" Rush Henrietta's Tivoli Skye finds her voice through music "


 Please check it out an drecommend it  thumbs up :) 

 and don't forget to vote for Break Me :) here on the indie music channel :)

  Stand up and  Stand out!

  Tivoli =  i lov it !

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opening for L'il Scrappy Cancelled!

 August 25th, in Chevy Chase maryland  cancelled event- 

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New on these radio stations & INterviewed this week on messenger post by Natascha Yogachandra

 Rising Star Radio, DC Coast to Coast,  Stars of tomorrow , Rater Bug, Lady Bug Chit Chat. To apprear sometime soon in the Messenger Post an article  and pictures thank you Jack for the  lights :) and the photography!

 New website  www.tivoliskye.com/#

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Had a great time with Natascha

form Messenger Post today- and Jack the photographer :)

 Beautiful day-  went to a ball game - was supposed to meet my producer but that didn't gel.  working on new album and songs :)

 stay tuned.:)

 would like toknow when the meeting with christopher wil be form  the classes. also wantto know if anyone has sold anything here on their sites?  Let me know !

 Have a great weekend and be safe<3 Tivoli Skye

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