" WiCkEd Wi$hEs"

1)Have you ever trusted someone,
gave up your heart just to be let down
Dont believe that its happened to you.
Then i have the answer,Lets be cruel.

Now i feel i can make wicked wi$hes
A trick of the mind,or can they work,
Dont believe that revenge should be physical
I'll make a wish so magical
(Last Chorus:My wicked wi$hes are magical.)

2)I gave you respect,you laughed in my face
You cheated and lied to me
You've moved to the next one
Deceiving them so
But times running short...
A lesson you'll learn.

3)Why do you do this
Trick everyone close
What are you afraid of
Your shell getting broke
It's your life that suffers
You'll lose in the end
My wicked wi$hes,Will find you my friend.

Chorus Twice:
Now i feel i can make wicked wi$hes

4)Ive learned a lesson-its wisdom i think
To tread very carefully
Or your heart will sink
Ive become stronger,independant & true
To my own self,and not to you
I see your lifes on a downward turn
My wicked wi$hes truly burn
You should be wiser
Act with more respect
This is your last chance
My wicked wi$hes are spent

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