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  • Autons - Weekend

    Autons - Weekend

    Autons, Weekend (from the album Who Do You Think You Are Kidding?), Zip Records, 2009. A kind of an… Owen Chase May 2, 2011 15 views

  • Autons, Election Singer

    Autons, Election Singer

    Election Singer is the second single from electro punk rockers Autons. It is loud and it is fast. T… Owen Chase May 2, 2011 16 views

  • Snakes


    Music video by Portsmouth band the Autons of their current single Snakes. Owen Chase May 2, 2011 9 views

  • You Get Back

    You Get Back 03:13

    Original Jazz tune co-produced & performed by Step Moore Tags: soul, lee STEP MOORE May 2, 2011 14 views


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