Rêverie "La Lune"

Video by Fritz Heede & Nijole Sparkis.
Music by Danae Vlasse.
Performed by GRAMMY-Winning Soprano Hila Plitmann & Award-Winning Pianist Robert Thies
Lyrics by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse:

Note for French poetry in this text: Opening lines are fixed to 4 syllables, and end with a 12 syllable line.
Rhyming scheme; the rhymes are obvious to French-speaker even if word terminations do not seem to rhyme when seen through English-eyes. In French the endings rhyme in pairs or rhyme fully through the stanza. Only the final stanza ceases to rhyme - this highlights the effect of the poet falling asleep.
[English translation below.]

Rêverie "La Lune"

Une pâle lumière
Qu’elle pose sur terre.
Elle m’envahit.
La lune m’enveloppe doucement en rêverie.

Ombres de loups,
sur sa face jouent!
Ses yeux lancent un clin d’œil vers le nid du hibou.

Souffles de vent,
passant devant;
des nuages comme des mariées vêtues de voiles blancs;

Dansant là-bas,
L’infini toit,
Un plafond s’étend en dentelle sur les étoiles!

La lune surveille
Ceux qui s’éveillent,
Conscient de la pluie qui unit tout: mer et ciel.

Nuages d’hiver.
Navires de verre.
Sur l’estuaire des tourbillons et des éclairs!

cerclant sa vie,
Faisant toujours face au monde en ode et magie!

La lune m’enveloppe doucement,
si doucement,
doucement en rêverie.

English Translation by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse:

A pale color
She lays on earth;
She invades me!
The moon envelops me gently in a dream.

Shadows of wolves,
On her face play!
Her eyes throw a wink to the owls’ nest.

Breaths of wind,
Passing in foreground;
Clouds like brides in white veils.

Dancing over there,
The infinite roof,
A ceiling stretched like lace over the stars!

The moon watches over
Those who awaken,
Conscious of the rain that unites all: oceans and heavens.

Clouds of winter.
Ships of glass.
On the estuary spin whirlwinds and lightening!

Encircle her life,
Always facing the world in ode and magic!

The moon envelops me gently,
so gently,
gently in a dream.

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