Order And Chaos Our Galaxy by Homeless Balloon

I originally composed this dreamy and peaceful ambient chill out lounge piece for a fantasy story in National Radio in my home country Norway. I later remixed it and released it for the Homeless Balloon album "Travel in Silence" in 2007. I created the animations by using ArtMaticPro and ArtMatic Voyager, and several of the sound effects and musical phrases were created with MetaSynth - all three software applications from uisoftware.com.

Some reflections that inspired me to compose the music and create the video:
Every human has one or more times looked up into the starry night and wondered how big the universe is. It doesn't matter how great your ego is, or how proud you are of being an atheist or religious believer - you have the same question as the rest of us: Where do I come from, and what is the meaning of it all? - This video is playing with Space, our universe, order and chaos - and eternity.

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