"Moonlit Harmony" is a poetic and enchanting song that beautifully captures the mystical connection between the moon and the sea. TerryLee Whetstone's lyrical craftsmanship paints a vivid picture of the celestial canvas where the moonlight delicately caresses the ocean, unveiling its secrets in a dance of reflection. The verses depict a cosmic connection and the profound influence of the moon on ocean life, with dolphins and whales responding to the moon's lullaby. The chorus celebrates the moon as a dear friend of the sea, casting its glow to set spirits free, while the bridge weaves a tranquil connection through moon-kissed ripples and whispers carried on the ocean breeze. The song's poetic journey continues through silhouettes in the water, celestial ballets, and moonlit embraces, all guided by the gentle touch of the moon. As the night unfolds, the outro beautifully captures the lingering memory of the moon's soft light in the heart of the ocean. Overall, "Moonlit Harmony" is a captivating ode to the celestial and oceanic symphony written with a heartfelt appreciation for nature's beauty.

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