Aoede's uplifting, empowering anthem "Keep Shining," a collaboration with more than 20 artists, shares her story and struggle with illness, disability and recovery and is a powerful reminder to never give up!

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Comment by Lisa Sniderman on May 5, 2020 at 10:11pm

"Keep Shining" Recording
Before the closing of my live show with Lights in the Darkness artists creating to heal in December 2018, performers came together as a group and sang a new song I wrote for the event-“Keep Shining”-an expressive anthem inspired by artists' stories, and a vital reminder to never give up. While I voiced my inner fears, doubts, questions and insecurities, our live performers kept repeating the chorus to "Keep Shining" as a powerful, uplifting counterpoint. I collaborated with our ‘lights in the darkness’ community, where more than 20 artists contributed their voices. The video is inspired by my personal story and transformations struggling with a rare chronic illness, my disability and recovery. 

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