This is the official music video for the ambient, downtempo electronic composition "Communication" taken from the album "Travel in Silence" by Homeless Balloon. I composed the music and created the animations with ArtMatic, ArtMaticPro, Photoshop and FinalCutPro. Special thanks to Dick Scherzinger ( for creating the flying object. Special thanks also to Eric Wenger and Edward Spiegel for creating ArtMatic and the other great tools at More info at

Some reflections that inspired me to make this music and video:
What is the most important invention man has made? it's not the engine or the car, not the vacines or the space travels or landing on the moon. It's the tools for communicating across the world, first via the written word, the storytelling, the phone, movies and television, now the Internet. This video is playing a little with the thought that if there is only one human being left in the universe, and she takes her last space travel - how will that travel be? Bits and pieces of dying voices, echoes of humans trying to reach each other. Perhaps will the words we said and the songs we sang never die? The audio levels are almost at zero by now, but the meanings are still there...?

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