Chris Aable's "Self-Evolution 4-11 Album, by Terry Madison

This is one of the ten songs on the album released by RCM, Inc. entitled "Self-Evolution 4-11". Posted on YouTube are the shorter versions of each of the ten longer versions, with all songs being exactly 4:11, or 4 minutes, 11 seconds. The album's exact release time in Hollywood, California is 4:11pm on the date 4-11-11. The number 411 of course stands for information. Chris Aable, who has taught Psychology and Sociology at CSULA and Santa Monica College is one of the best singer/song writers/composers qualified to give important information about humanity, in terms of where we've been, where we are now, and where we can go, if only we will listen and act upon that knowledge. Thus, the number for information, 4-11, is the symbol for knowledge, the symbol for opposite of the violence born of disinformation and blind superstition that led to very tragic symbol: 9-11. At no other time has the need for information regarding our genetic and geographical ancestry been more important, and at no other time has our need for unity, peace, tolerance, understanding, in other words, "knowledge" been more necessary. We can either chose to accept the message that Chris Aable offers and act upon it to further the cause of world peace, or we can turn a blind eye and thus help blind hatred, racism, bigotry and revenge, as Chris would say, "run riot". We have seen too much divisionism from all sides and in all nations, including our own. To quote Chris Aable: "Mass evil and wholesale slaughter or war happens not only because of 'leaders' who have biological or socialization problems that incite the gullible and lead to evil deeds, but because otherwise relatively good people do nothing to expose evil and to declare that we, the children of the world, have had more than enough. We may never reach a perfect world, but it's by working towards the highest goals of our highest nature, that we advance and make progress. What part of that history will you be in and what kind of history are you recording now?

At least 50% of Chris Aable's direct proceeds from his songs/music and 50% of all of RCM Inc.'s proceeds from the sale of Chris Aable's songs/music go to the following five organizations: Doctors Without Borders, Kiva, United People for a Better World, Save The Children, and The Red Cross

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