The very first song released by myself, Sean Reyes; That has been fully written, produced, recorded, and performed by myself. In my mini home studio. Full lyrics are at bottom.


I initially wrote this song in 2010/11, within the first couple years of my Traumatic Brain Injury. I was in an extremely delicate state, and my memory of my time spent with my boxing team, with my coach and mentor, Mike "Prime Time" Post, and all my teammates... it fueled something in me and this hook and melody just came to me.
I didn't do anything with it though, didn't bother putting music to it. As I knew it was in a style that I didn't ever write, or release. So, it just sat on the back burner.

Fast forward to 2020, and I got much more into producing music myself. This song is one amazing happenstance, as I never intended to produce it for anything but an instrumental... then it just hit me

"HOLY CRAP!! It works perfectly for that hook I wrote 10 years ago!!"

So, I grabbed a pen and paper, started writing lyrics and Bammm!!

"Baptism of Fire" was officially born.

It is very much inspired by, and a dedication to Mike "Prime Time" Post, (RIP Mike). And the brotherhood I created with him, and my fellow team mates.
I was pushed further than I ever thought possible, I turned my life around from a party lifestyle, (alcohol, drugs, overweight, etc...) And I got extremely fit, and physically healthy... and I was supported the whole way from my coach, and team.
Thank you to my brothers from Prime Time. I carry these times in my heart and soul. And it has definitely pushed me further along in my Brain Injury recovery. I don't doubt that at all.

*** LYRICS ***

I'd rather smile through the pain, than give in to its condition.
You try to beat me. You try to screw me. See, I don't care if that's your mission.
Hell, I can't stop. And I won't stop.
It's my life, the sky's the limit.
A vast array of time and space, everything that's in it.

Call me Crazy, Call me Loco, Call me Anything you Please.
It doesn't matter what you want, cuz all I know, is what I need.
And what I need, is for you to realize that you won't win.
You can't beat a guy, who faces pain with a bloody, f*****' grin.

I'll never stop! I'll never give up!
My will is stronger, and I....

I've fallen down, but still I get up!
My will is stronger, and I....

'Baptism of Fire'

Copyright © 2020 Sean Reyes. All Rights Reserved.
Written, Recorded, Produced & Performed by Sean Reyes.
Sync & Master Controlled 200% by Sean Coburn Reyes.

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