C. Masta lays it down like there's no tomorrow.


Hey. If you're havin a bad day, that's about to change.
With a little bitta rhythm and a little bitta rhyme, and a beat drop that's insane. C. Masta's back like a shark attack,
I'm about to get all up in yo brain!
That's what's up, gonna make it rain.
No pain. Just playin my Nintendo game.
Hold up -- here's the refrain:

Whoa -- don't stop let's go.
My line's in the pool, watch it overflow.
Come all you and you will know.
Listen up, I'm on a roll.

Switch lanes.
It's okay. It's not easy bein easy if ya know what I mean,
She's so hot, it'll make me queasy.
So I'll roll up a bleezy.
There we go, feels better. Spellin out words, but I'm missing a letter.
When I met her, I felt so fine. Lovely eyes -- beauty divine.
Yeah, maybe one day I'll make her mine, but until that time,
I'll just keep rhyming.
Hm. I hope they're not lying. Too bad, even when they do, I be spying.
Ah, now I'm trying. Might take a little luck out here.
No fear, my dear. We'll drink some beer.
Ha. I've been called a queer… And my response to that would be:
Well… Maybe.

Just opened the door. Yeah, WHAT? I got more.
Four score, seven hundred million years ago,
When the blue water flowed. Paleozoic animals.
We found their skulls buried deep in holes.
That's right bros. I got woes. We all do.
Even you.


What's wrong? Can't hear me over all that crap on the freaking TV?
Hey -- don't listen to that. It's not fact. What do you think?
I could find out, but I'd rather just sink. To the bottom of the ocean.
Calculating limits, dividing these quotients.
Bustin out rhymes like a Riemann sum -- check it out, yo, I'll do math till my brain goes numb.

Next verse. I'm cursed. Sometimes I fear the worst.
I can rap without bein rehearsed, gonna keep goin till I burst.
Fire -- like a shotgun. If I had one.
Violence is bad for you, dude, if you're in trouble, just run.
Get mon. Talkin bread like green; you know what I mean,
Gotta buy your way out of this crazy machine, unfortunately.
I wish they could in see in HD, like a blue-ray DVD.
It's almost clear to me, but not near what it could be.

Oh well -- why wait till tomorrow when it's due today?
Get your head on straight so you can get to work, but don't forget the play.
If we pool our strengths, yeah, everyone, we just might find a way.
The end forebodes a lot of things, but let's just see what the future brings. I've got a good feeling; eventually, it'll all turn out okay!


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