Forty-Seven Days with Jesus (Feature film I worked on) #47DaysMovie

You can buy tickets via the Fathom Events page or visit If you know of a church, school or ministry that might like to bring a large group to the theater (our movie comes out during spring break after all, and it's the perfect all-ages family film!), have them fill out this Group Form and our marketing team will help them out.

Also - call your local theater and request that they show the movie! More theaters are getting added every day as demand for the film grows. Exciting stuff!!!

I’ve been working on this independent feature film for a couple years now starting with the Vocal Arrangements, then Contracting, Recording and Producing the Singers. I assisted with casting, find Jesus, Jesus’ Mother Mary, and some background characters in Dallas where we shot some of the Jerusalem scenes at the beautiful Caperneum Studios in Poolville, TX, where they shot scenes for the TV show The Chosen. Most of our filming was done in the Los Angeles area. My work continued with being Music Director for the film, working with the writers and directors making sure the script and the vocal arrangements were in sync, among many other tasks during production and post production. When it came close to shooting days, I was on camera as Lydia the Seller of Purple, one of the singing merchants in the town. I got to make my own costume too!

We all are grateful to SAG for bestowing us with their interim agreement allowing us to continue working during the strike. I love how all of our work turned out and it was a joy working with everyone. I hope you’ll enjoy it too. Please reach out to your friends and organizations to help us kick off the premier of “Forty Seven Days with Jesus.”

Thanks for your interest and support.

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