March is Brain Injury Awareness Month in the US. Canada's Awareness month is in June. This is to create awareness for both as there can never be too much awareness of such a devastating, yet often invisible disability.

A brain injury is not often seen on the outside. Compare the upper pictures (in the midst of my surgeries and recoveries; first 4 years) and the bottom pictures (recovered; 6-7 years post injury).
I am one of lucky ones, that despite the 10 open head surgeries I have undergone; I have recovered as well as I have, and with not much trace of physical damage.
But the storms do still come; be it fatigue, irritability, headaches, memory loss, insomnia, etc etc. And these are the battles that are often unseen or quickly misunderstood by the general public.
I am so lucky to have an amazing Divine energy in my life, who does understand my struggles and who is more than willing to help me through them. They have provided me with the most amazing people and support group. Thank you to my mom (Lois Reyes), my love (Della Tatchell), my sister (Luisa), my brother (Ruben Hydee Reyes), and all those who did support me and still continue to; be it friends, family, medical staff, support workers, organizations, etc. I would not be here today without you all.
I love and appreciate you all very much!. Thank you!!

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